Feldschlösschen Oktoberfest (1) (1)

Feldschlösschen Oktoberfest (1) (1)

When the vintage vehicles are cleared to make way for the beer benches, the staff swap their uniforms for dirndls and lederhosen and the Bavarian drinking songs make more noise than the bottling plant, it can mean only one thing: it’s time for Oktoberfest at the Feldschlösschen brewery!

The annual ‘Feldschlösschen Oktoberfest’ is held on the second and third weekends of October. From 6 pm on Friday (9 and 16 October 2020) and Saturday (10 and 17 October 2020), the doors of our Pichhalle will be open to guests. Musical entertainment is provided for the whole evening – from 7 pm, you can party and dance with Prof. Alban & the Heimleuchter and the Lumpazis from the Tyrol.




Entry price includes:

• One beer or two non-alcoholic drinks
• One appetiser platter, including pretzels
• One Bavarian main course of your choice:
   • Half a chicken with potato and cabbage salad
   • Knuckle of pork with potato and cabbage salad
   • Two white sausages with a pretzel and cabbage salad
   • Bavarian spätzle